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Here are some awards I have won. Most of them were won when I was "Ladicius' World", but I still have them up because I did earn them. :) Thanks to all that have awarded me these for all my hard work. Much appreciated!

I am giving out an award too. Scroll down to apply for it :)

Survivors Award

I am also giving out an award to people that have good webpages. If you think you have a good website and you worked hard on it, then why not get some credit for it? If you want one of my awards, then fill out the form below and send it off to me!

The first one is given out to pages that are excellent. That show good HTML knowledge and ones where a lot of effort was put into them. Dont worry if you dont get the excellence award. I only give it out to almost flawless websites. Besides, you can still get the great page award. So no worries! :)

This is what they will look like:

When applying, please specify, which one you are applying for...thanks... :)

Award Application

Your full name:
Your email address: (e.g.:

What's your webpage's address?
Why does your web page deserve this award?
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