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Here are some great links to some really great places on the net. Some are very informative, some helpful, and some are just for fun. Enjoy!

If you want to put up a link to my page you can use these banners. Email me if you have made a link to my page and then I will put up a link to yours.

My Good Friend Chris' Homepage:

Some information on Self Injury is here:

This is an amazing website...Full of animal righs, vegetarianism, and other great causes...Check out it:

This is a really cool place to go...Dont ask...just go check it out. *EG*

There are some AMAZING graphics and backgrounds here (its where i got a few of the ones that I am using :)

Ghost Pictures (Alledged ones...*G*)

Go to Kids Help Phone Online by clicking on the banner:

For information on depression click here:

Lonely2Day's Homepage (Info on depression etc.) :

Celtic Forest:

This is THE best movie ever made...

To go to muchmusic click here:

A great friendly, place to chat and to talk about problems:

Some fun games and cute cartoons are here...A good place to waste some time *g*:

Vanilla Blossoms Homepage:

If you are into the Occult:

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign:

This is THE funniest tv show:

I read some of these things and couldn't stop laughing. If you have a sense of humour, go here:

Really Useful Animated Gifs:

Venus 1999