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Never Lose Hope!

Like I said on the previous page, these are just things that helped ME. I cannot garentee anything and this is definately NOT a substitute to professional help. This is just a list if things that you may find helpful to elimate the imediate urge to self injure. However I do recomend to ANYONE who suffers from this, to please find a therapist, school counselor, parent, friend, anyone that you trust and talk to them about this.

After all this is a list to get you through the urges, but what needs to be worked on is the root of the issue. Albeit depression, abuse or whatever the reason behind the self injurous behaviour, it needs to be delt with and worked through.

Anyway, on with the list.

1) Write down your feelings in a journal

2)Hold ice in your hand (that way you feel a sting, but there is not harm being done)

3)Take deep breaths or even try meditation

4)Draw or something like that to keep your hands busy

5)Take a nail and "cut" a piece of wood (that way it seems like you are doing it, but you aren' also gets out frustrations)

6)Mold clay or play-doh

7)Tear up some papers (just make sure they aren't ones you need! *g*)

8)If you are angry with someone, write a letter to them (you don't have to send it)

9)Call someone that you can talk to about how you are feeling

10)Listen to some calm music

11) Take a shower or bath

12)Use washable red markers to "cut" yourself (don't press too hard now...)

13)Throw darts at a dart board

14)Watch a funny show on TV