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In my other version of my website I had used this oppurtunity to ramble about my life...and although I believe reading my *sob* story may have helped some people feel less alone, it made me feel...hmm...strange...Just because I had written SO much about my personal life here...I just got thinking about it and I think it would be better if I just stated some facts...rather then go into complete detail like I did before. So...lets begin with some facts.

  • My name is Monica
  • I just turned 18
  • Although I feel older
  • Life has been *interesting* for me up until now
  • You could say I have been through a lot
  • My parents are divorced and I live with my mom
  • She is a bit crazy
  • So am I
  • I first realised I was depressed when I was 13
  • I didn't see a psychiatrist until I was 17
  • That was less then a month ago
  • I am scared of doctors
  • I self injure
  • It has been hard
  • I write poems
  • They usually suck
  • But I like to write them
  • I wear all black
  • People call me "goth"
  • I hate that word
  • I listen to "goth" music though
  • But I also listen to industrial, alternative, 80's, etc.
  • I am bored right now so I will stop writing :)
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