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If you ask me what the point of this, I wont be able to answer it. If you ask me why I made this "graphic" collage thing, I wont be able to answer that either. I dont know...I just was going to scan an article I had taken out of my local newspaper a few months back and as soon as I placed it on the scanner I started adding more things...and more things...and arranging things...and...well this is what I came up with. It doesnt nessesarily mean isnt supposed to be isnt supposed to be something nice to look at..Its just something that I felt, and created out of pure inspiration.. Well, as imspirational that something entitled "suicide" can be..I dont know what it is, but I feel very strongly about this...go ahead and make fun of me...i dont care... Huh...well I am wierd.. whatever... Uh...thats it I guess..
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